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Sarawerrables has recently teamed up with Clean VIbes Trading Post to turn the past years donated band shirts into this years MUST HAVE Festival Bag.  Check them out at a Music Festival near you - pick up a couple of bags of festival trash and get a free Sarawerrable for you!  Win-Win

I made my first Sarawerrable bag to take to a Music Festival in Fort Lauderdale.  I wanted something that would hold my basics (phone, ID, cash and smokes), but really not something that I would want to have stolen when I used it to hold my seat as I moved from stage to stage.  It was awesome.  And it got interest.  And now, it's what I do!

The Rentals at Palmirage

Recycled Ts...American Made...In The Bahamas

What do YOU do with that favorite T Shirt that you will no longer wear???  I turn them into the most comfortable purse/shoulder bag/beach bag/festival bag/shopping bag you could want.  

Due to the stretchy nature of a jersey T-Shirt, these bags hang nicely, while also expanding to hold whatever you put in them!

Close to the Beach, your relaxing vacation home on Long Island, The Bahamas